Our Operations

The United Nations Digital Solutions Centre (UN DSC) is a pilot project to support digital transformation across the UN. Its goal is to spark innovation, leverage modern technologies and support inter-Agency collaboration, with a focus on improving internal management processes to better deliver on UN mandates.

The UN DSC’s mission is to leverage economies of scale, operating with a small footprint but providing high impact solutions, deploying top talent in a flexible structure that designs, develops and deploys innovative modern technology.

The UN DSC pursues its mission by testing and implementing cutting-edge technology pilots that can scale across multiple UN organizations, starting with WFP and UNHCR. The Centre uses best practices for its process and solution development, utilizing the operational capacity of the UN International Computing Centre (ICC).

How does the Centre work?

The Centre designs, develops and deploys through ICC new technologies into UN business operations to address common operational challenges faced by UNHCR, WFP and the wider UN. We strive to improve efficiency and provide higher quality services to people in the UN who work to deliver humanitarian services.  
The UN DSC includes: 


Centre of


Act as a focal point on back-office innovation activities from member Agencies; share lessons learned and provide guidance; organize bootcamps, workshops and webinars; execute projects for cost efficiencies and optimised operations.




Administer the programme, drive project lifecycles for innovations, continuously grow solutions with project teams and partners, and scale and manage the solutions to become common shared services delivered by ICC.



Leverage ICC’s operational capacity and best practices for project management, its Business Relationship Managers and its services portfolio to reach out to partners that may include the advisory board.