Our Projects

Our projects help streamline how UN Agencies organize their support services, from Finance, ICT, Human Resources and Procurement, digitizing repetitive and duplicative tasks and business processes, allowing UN staff to focus on substantive missions. 


Jambo (“Hello” in Swahili) is a UN phone book mobile app to offer a UN Agency global directory of contacts.  Currently membership includes UNHCR, WFP, UNICC and UN Women.

Business value: Today there is no federated global directory across UN Agencies to reach colleagues. Jambo provides immediate mobile access across member UN Agencies to phone numbers and pertinent information  of staff and stakeholders.

The Jambo app is available to staff of participating UN Agencies for download at Google Play and Apple App Store.

Joint Sanctions Bot

The UNHCR/WFP Joint Sanctions Bot employs Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate sanctions list screening processes, saving hundreds of people hours cross-checking individual Agency lists for procurement and other transactional business processes, with over 1 billion transactions to date.

Business value: Streamline sanctions lists checking, allowing staff to work on higher-level strategic priorities.

Invoice Automation

Invoice processes today involve many manual and un-digitized steps to complete transactions. Invoice automation bots utilise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate invoice completion with a fully digitised solution. 

Business value: This planned solution automates Account Payable requirements across four organizations to maximize process efficiency.

UN Digital ID

Based on a blockchain, biometrics and a mobile app solution, this pilot will  look to offer a unique digital ID for every UN employee for end-to-end lifecycle management from on-boarding through to retirement that will be immutable, protected, transparent and portable. 

Business value: Replace outdated, un-digitised, error-prone, risky manual processes with digital identity for every employee and every need from registration and HR to payments and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) throughout Agency life-cycle processes. 

Travel Data Cube

The Travel Data Cube consolidates travel data for four organizations in a ‘data cube’ that provides data arrays to best manage pricing and scheduling. The data cube allows for better Business Intelligence to be used in negotiation with travel partners.

Business value: The data cube will trend to drive travel pricing down, saving UN organizations millions of dollars in travel costs.

Humanitarian Booking Hub

The Humanitarian Booking Hub will serve as a UN clearinghouse to share resources from air travel to housing and event management through a cashless, transparent and integrated system. 

Business value: A seamless and inter-Agency platform for books of all sorts will save on financial and human resources.